Top 4 Reasons to Love Coco-Soy Wax

Picture of a Coconut flying through the air.For our Holiday 20' Candle Collection, we've decided to use Coco-Soy wax instead of our normal Soy wax. Coco-Soy (Short for Coconut Soy), is a vegan wax blend made of natural Soy and Coconut. While we love Soy Wax, we really enjoyed working with a new wax this holiday season. We came up with a list of our top 4 reasons to love Coco-Soy Wax! 

  1. Eco-Friendly: Just like our fav. Soy Wax, Coco-Soy wax is eco-friendly! The Coco-Soy wax we use is gluten free, toxin free, phthalate free and comes from renewable sources. Toxic waxes are not good for anyone, so we are very happy that this is a clean wax! You don't have to worry about Coco-Soy wax letting off black soot or harmful vapors like other waxes do. 
  2. Ahhh, those smells: Coco-Soy wax carries a great scent! Coco-Soy has a high fragrance load tolerance, meaning more great smells for you! 
  3. It's the smooth tops for me: Coco-Soy wax has a smooth and creamy appearance that looks so beautiful! It is able to resist frosting that happens in other waxes. 
  4. Let it burn: Coco-Soy wax is a slow-burning wax, meaning more time to enjoy your candle!

These are just a few of the reasons why we enjoy working with Coco-Soy wax. Purchase one of our Holiday 20' Collection Candles and try it out yourself! Be sure to let us know your feedback and if you enjoy Coco-Soy wax too! 

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